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  • StarAd is committed to being a trustworthy, safe, stable, and reputable international blockchain asset website, not only providing users with safe, convenient, and fair blockchain asset transaction services, but also comprehensively protecting user transaction information security and asset security!




    Lightning contract is an innovative development of StarAd, which has multiple advantages such as no delivery, zero slippage, easy to use, low cost, and one-click opening.



    The members of StarAd Exchange have rich experience in R&D and operation in the field of cryptocurrency, and the team members are all from early cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology researchers.




    Safe and reliable technology

    Adopt dynamic storage, hot and cold separation, HSM financial security technology protection to ensure asset security

    Transaction is stable and efficient

    The 5-year-experienced financial security team strives to create a million-level matching engine per second, and seize the opportunity to quickly
    close the deal

    Ultimate User Experience

    User first, easy to use, listen to feedback, optimize the product at a fast speed,
    7*24 hours real-time online, multilingual one-on-one professional service

  • High-quality communities such as the StarAd exchange community have reached strategic cooperation, and will cooperate with the cooperative community in ecological construction, consensus promotion, user growth, etc., to provide strong promotion and market brand building support for the exchange.


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